About Us

When RCM began we set up a goal for ourselves to become a premier supplier of high-quality plumbing and agricultural supplies at a price that makes sense. That goal was quickly achieved and we are now the supplier of choice for many of New Zealand’s farming and industrial companies. As well as the larger industries we have found that tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts have become repeat customers as we only supply quality valves, plumbing and other agricultural products. When other suppliers cannot deliver what you need, we do.


Premier supplier of plumbing supplies, valves and farming supplies

We have a total of 40 years’ experience in the distribution and manufacturing business and source reliable products at affordable prices both locally and from overseas. We only supply high-quality products at the lowest cost possible and regularly review our prices and product performance. Listening to customer feedback has enabled us to can give the best customer experience, if you have a question or need advice we are always happy to help.


The Benefits Of Dealing With RCM

● 40 years experience means amazing product knowledge and customer service

● Order online from a pc or when you are on the site where the equipment is needed

● Call us for peace of mind, help advice and stock availability

● Our rapid delivery options mean that there will be minimal downtime

● NZ owned, we understand your needs

● High-quality, reliable plumbing supplies For trade, agriculture & wholesale


For help, information or any product queries please do not hesitate to contact us